Home of Stonewall Jackson, Charlotte, NC teaspoon engraved and enameled by Watson & Newell circa 1900.


Spoon Collectors'
National Liaison CommitteeWyoming Battle Monument citrus spoon cast by Gorham Mfg. Co. circa 1891.

The National Liaison Committee's genesis was at the Annual Spoon Convention in Atlanta in 1995. By acclamation of the attendees, the committee was formed so that annual conventions would be scheduled to facilitate: spoon buying, selling and trading; workshops, lectures and spoon exhibitions; and socializing and information-sharing among spoon collectors.

From this beginning each spoon club designated a representative to form the initial committee whose mission was to promote spooning and to coordinate  the hosting of national conventions. In essence, the committee was to act as a liaison between the individual clubs.

The first official meeting was in San Diego in 1996. At this time several spoon collectors became members-at-large of the committee. Currently the committee comprises members from each of the five spoon clubs and 3 members-at-large selected by the committee.

At this first meeting, the committee began planning the schedule for the up-coming annual conventions. It was agreed upon to always plan at least two years in the future to schedule conventions.

In 1997 the committee announced its first national project. This became the Spoon Collectors' Reference and Research Library. The library benefits all spoon collectors. For a very modest sum the "librarian" will answer requests from regional spoon club members for reference material that already exists in books and articles on file. This material includes information about American and foreign spoons and specific spoon categories. The library is a depository for the body of knowledge about souvenir spoons as it evolves. A specific goal of the library is to preserve information developed by spoon collectors over time. At the 2009 NLC Board Meeting, the Board changed the title of Librarian to National Librarian and Historian since our library keeps the history of spoon collecting alive for all spooners.

In 1999 the second national project became the establishment of a national website to promote spoon collecting and support the regional spoon clubs. This website you are now visiting is a result of that effort.

In 2004 a third national project was undertaken to establish a national spoon collectors' data base. The goal is to facilitate interaction among collectors by maintaining appropriate information with proper privacy and security safeguards. During 2009 this data base was completely updated. Invitation letters were then sent out to listed spoon collectors not belonging to a club stating the benefits of joining a spoon club.

The National Liaison Committee hosted the National Spoon Collectors Convention, Jackpot of Spoons, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino, September 14-17, 2009.

Teaspoon embossed by Watson & Newell circa 1905. Bowl depicts the Confederate Abbey, today a museum in Richmond.